Vague Chapter 1 - Screens and Info
Vague Chapter 1 - Screens and Info
An upcoming indie mystery in three chapters, the first due before the end of the year
Posted: 10/30/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Amr Mohsen | Platform:
The main character is called McCoy. He doesn't know how he came to be where he is: trapped in a cell with a stranger.

There are bars on the door. There's what looks like a grille of some sort on the wall. It growls very loudly.

McCoy must escape, but how? He knows nothing about where he is. And all he has are questions.

Is he in an institution? Looney bin? Prison? Are there others in the same predicament? What or who might be lurking outside the confines of his immediate surroundings?

Who is the person with whom he's trapped? A friend? Ally? Maniac? Nut-job? The person is asleep. He's also talking. He seems to think he's a birdie. I vote for nut-job.

And thus starts Chapter 1, captioned "Oh, Now I See!," of a three-chapter game for PC called Vague by indie developer Amr Mohsen. The first chapter should be launched by year's end and I understand it will be free. There's currently no word concerning pricing for the second and third chapters.

Meanwhile, a demo is available from the game's Facebook page.
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