Samorost 3 Teaser Trailer, Early Screens, Info
Samorost 3 Teaser Trailer, Early Screens, Info
The third game in the Samorost series won't arrive soon, but it *will* arrive
Posted: 10/28/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Amanita Design | Platform: Other, Ipod touch, Iphone, Ipad

Okay, according to Amanita Design, Samorost 3 won't be released any sooner than 2015. But just think of all the months you can spend looking forward to it!

JA went digging and unearthed some screens and a teaser trailer that should make you look forward to the game even more.

Along with Samorost 1 and 2, Amanita also gave us Machanarium and Botanicula.

Samorost 3 will be longer and more ambitious than its predecessors. Tomas 'Floex' Dvorak will again be writing the music.

A little birdie told us that Amanita intends to release Samorost 3 on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch, iPad and Android.

We thought you might also enjoy a picture of the Amanita Design Team hard at work (at right, beneath the screens).
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