Randal's Monday - New Trailers, Screens, Info
Randal's Monday - New Trailers, Screens, Info
Developer Nexus Game Studios makes a less-than-reputible main character live through the same Monday over and over...and over
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Videos, Screenshots and Info - August 26, 2013

From the Developer:

Overcoming Mondays is complicated, especially when you're trapped in a time warp of betrayal, cursed rings, pi$$ed off box-office clerks and suicidal friends...

It was all bliss on Matt and Sally's engagement party, even for Randal. The best main character you can ever wonder: kleptomaniac, sociopath and awful friend above all. Somebody (if not EVERYBODY) has drunk too much. The next morning Randal gets up in his bedroom, the same stale clothes put on, a magnificent headache and his friend's wallet in his pocket. Inside the wallet, a really expensive engagement ring that Randal sells at once in order to dodge some economical issues. This is when his friend Matt express his displeasure by committing suicide. The curse of the ring is only just started.

Randal will live this fateful Monday again and again, doing whatever is needed in order to fix the horrible situation he has induced. Even if that means going to jail... or destroying mankind. Shots, kicks, blood, money, time loops and a lot of pi$$ed-off people. Randal must recover the ring and his life before the situation worsens... or the universe collapses.

Just sayin'... what about a cup of satirical graphic adventure?

Randal's Monday will be available mid 2014 for PC and every device or platform accepting bribes.
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