Beyond eyes Videos, Screens & Info
Beyond eyes Videos, Screens & Info
A unique 3D exploration game about a blind girl named Rae and a cat named Nani
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Beyond eyes Screens and Info - September 16, 2014
News - October 3, 2013

Beyond eyes is a story-driven game in which a blind girl explores an unfamiliar environment using her remaining senses to visualize the world around her. Its style is that of delicate watercolors.

Having lost her eyesight as a toddler in a terrible, trauma-inducing accident, Rae is perfectly content to stay at home with a stray cat named Nani. Her beautiful garden is her favorite place to spend time.

Rae's contentment is shattered when Nani disappears. Heartbroken, Rae makes a decision to venture into an unfamiliar world for the first time to search for the cat.

The player will guide Rae as she explores the world through touch and discovers its shapes and secrets. To find her way, she will also have to focus on sounds and scents.

The manner in which the player interacts with Rae will have an impact on her feelings. Forcing her into dangerous situations can cause her to become frightened and distrustful. The player must then regain Rae's trust before she will cooperate.

Conversely, if the player respects her wishes and keeps her safe, Rae will become more open and trusting in frightening situations.

The game will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux in July 2014. An Indiegogo campaign is in progress.
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