Frictional Games' Mysterious Live-Action Teaser Video Suggests a New IP (called SOMA?) is in the Works
Frictional Games' Mysterious Live-Action Teaser Video Suggests a New IP (called SOMA?) is in the Works
Behold a video captioned Item #2656 - "Vivarium" and accompanying information
Posted: 10/02/13 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Frictional Games | Platform: Playstation 4, Windows
Here we have a video entitled "Item #2656 - 'Vivarium'1." It's presented in the context of SOMA: Partial System Reconstruction and is described as follows:

"The machine has the appearance of a heavily modified monitor fixed to a massive nest of cables and controls. Machinist Peter Strasky found the contraption during a salvage mission [data corrupted] the screen rolled and flickered, but it shut down as it was pulled out from the container.

None of the crew stepped forward to take credit, but the construction suggests [data corrupted] since Thabo is unavailable for questioning, the machine's origin remains a mystery.

"Considering the lack of information and the general unease it has started to cause, the machine will be disassembled.

"[Data corrupted] screen lit up and showed distorted schematics. After trying different switches and keys, the oblique levers were found to be torsion attenuation controls which could stabilize the pict [data corrupted] revealing a complex set of instructions. The machine is now under quarantine.

"AM Engineer Imogen Reed has asked for an exception [data corrupted]. Special permission granted.

"APPENDIX A: Engineer Reed - Video Documentation"

It appears that this video is one of eight case files that will eventually be revealed.

Frictional Games is the developer of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and the Penumbra series. So this IP is bound to be weird and creepy, whatever it turns out to be -- although it looks to be in more of a steampunk sci-fi vein (no pun intended). 

Happy viewing, and stay tuned...
1Vivarium: an enclosure for keeping or raising and observing animals especially for laboratory research. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online
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