Nibelungen Saga Trailer, Screens, Art, Info
Nibelungen Saga Trailer, Screens, Art, Info
The game based on the ancient legend that inspired Lord of the Rings and many other fantasy stories
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News - September 10, 2013

Thousands of years ago, a grand tale of adventure and heroism was born.

Nibelungen Saga is a remnant from the dawn of our civilization. It is one of the foundation stones of the entire fantasy genre. It deserves to not be forgotten. It has been made into poems, operas, novels, and movies... but until now, never into a decent game!

Digital games are the story-telling medium of the 21st century. What better way could there be to bring this epic legend back to life?

King Nibelung is dead. His daughter, Gudrun, has inherited the throne and a vast treasure that allows her to pay her army and keep the kingdom secure.

This treasure attracts the attention of Fafnir, an evil creature that feeds on human flesh and craves the Nibelungen gold. The vile creature wrecks havoc on the lands of the Nibelungen tribe and takes possession of the treasure.

Sigvard, from the tribe of the Völsungs, is a young warrior famous for his strength and cunning. Gudrun summons him to her court and pledges for him to destroy Fafnir and reclaim the gold. But an enemy such as Fafnir is not to be underestimated.

Sigvard sets out to salvage Gram, a sword shattered in a long-ago battle and the only weapon powerful enough to overcome this foe. His journey to find the blacksmith Weyland, who can help him restore the sword, takes him from the islands of Denmark to the icy plains of Greenland and into the deep forests of Sweden.

The two must then descend into the depths of mount Hindarfjall, a volcano in Iceland, and reforge the sword in the fires of the deep.

Sigvard must also obtain The Andvaranaut, a ring through which he can change his appearance and even become invisible. Unfortunately, the ring is in storm-ridden mountains in Norway, guarded by trolls.

Play as Sigvard or Gudrun as you explore a vast game universe set in the world of ancient norse mythology. Can you guide them on their quest and undo the Nibelungen bane?


  • Beautiful, highly detailed, hand-crafted graphics and animations.
  • Original, very atmospheric musical score.
  • Great story and characters based on ancient nordic legends.
  • Full voice-overs for all NPCs and cut scenes.
  • Innovative combat system that gives you direct control over your sword and shield.
  • Advanced physics system to bring the world and puzzles to life.
  • Destructible environments, dissectible characters and monsters
  • Vast game world with many different environments to explore, puzzles to solve and enemies to overcome.
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