Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the site!


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Welcome to our new site!

We’re pretty excited about it and we think you will be to. Let me go over a few key features.

On the front page you will find easy access to our news, reviews and sales. Make sure to look for our Sales Madness offers found on the main page on the top right. To get a preview of any article just hover your pointer over the article and you will get a preview. Click on the article and you will be brought right to it. You will also find a very powerful search engine in our article section making it easy to find the article you want. Over 80% of the old articles have been converted over to the new site and more are being added every day. We’ve also added a commenting system found at the bottom of our articles to let you join in.

Our new store will now save every sale you make and the serial number. You may at any time re-download your purchases and serial number by simple going to our store and looking in your profile. Our new store also offers you a gift registry so you can tell your friends and family what you really want.

A new and improved Support Desk now stands ready to address any questions or issues you may have. We even added a support tab on the main page to make getting the help you need easier. You will also find our Knowledge Base to address the most asked questions.

Finally we’ve have also added a new state of the art forum system with many new features and we hope to see you there.

You can find a listing of our services at http://justadventure.com/index.php/community-support/services

Len Green
Len Green

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewiildered  am I!

I haven't the faintest idea if I am properly registered or not and I am totally confused by this whole new setup at present - and so far HATE it !!!

Without going into details YET, the first impressions that I've got are HORRIBLE !!!

I will amplify if/when I find out if this post is valid ??!!

Several folk during  the past decade have tried to get rid of me without permanent success.  This new update may do the trick for you, and get me to resign permanently - if so it will make some of you VERY happy !!


As long as you keep the history I will support the site.  I do like the changes and the new articles.  Just to be clear I read you are keeping the old forums so visitors can view them and all of the old articles are being converted to the new site.  How long to you expect that will take.

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