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  • Comprehensive walkthrough for Dead Synchronicity - Tomorrow Comes Today.
    DEAD  SYNCHRONICITY WALKTHROUGH ·       Len Green { lengreen@n
    05/29/15 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition - Walkthrough
    Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition WALKTHROUGH  (+ full 362 P0ints)
    04/27/15 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • The full walkthrough for Bosch's Damnation, the 10th Carol Reed game from MDNA Games. By Len Green.
    Len Green:    PREFACE Locations that are added to the m
    03/30/14 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • This walkthrough describes ALL the actions which you must take in order to succeed, together with a relatively small number which are not essential to completing the demo of Bosch's Damnation.
    “BOSCH’S  DAMNATION” Carol Reed Mystery # 10 DEMO WALKTHROUGH Len Green   lengreen@hot
    02/28/14 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • Need help to bypass one of the murderously tricky puzzles dispersed throughout Face Noir? Use this save-through provided by Len Green.
    Download the Face Noir save-through here.   For players who use this save-through:  There ar
    01/10/14 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • If you're stuck on a puzzle, unable to find Max or haven't been able to reach any of the game's four possible endings, you'll find plenty of help here courtesy of Peter Olafson
    Secret Files 3A Game Guideby Peter OlafsonVersion: This is version 1.0. It’s based on the UK edit
    10/04/13 | Walkthrough | by Peter Olafson
  • This savethrough includes 197 saves running consecutively from the very beginning to the very end. After this, there are 5 extra files revealing steps in the rather formidable slider puzzle fairly near to the end of the game.
    202 Savegames ~ Secret Files 3 Download the Secret Files 3 savethrough here. There are 197 saves r
    07/31/13 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • A walkthrough for the ninth game in the Carol Reed series
    COLD CASE SUMMERCarol Reed Mystery #9WALKTHROUGHBy Len Green 24th&nb
    04/17/13 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • Use this if you need help in averting the game's impending apocalypse
    Version: This is version 1.01 -- incorporating additional information about Riddle #2 in the ja
    02/02/13 | Walkthrough | by Peter Olafson
  • Find help to get Darren through the third chapter of the Black Mirror saga
    Version: This is version 1.0. It’s based of the US edition of the game.Contact: Mistakes? Lingerin
    02/01/13 | Walkthrough | by Peter Olafson
  • There are several very good reasons why a save-game compendium is important or even occasionally essential for Quest/Adventure games in general, and in "Yoomurjack's Ring" in particular.
    The player may be well into the game and there is a computer crash or power outage which wipes out a
    12/11/12 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • This Guide will help you and Darren Michaels find your way through the game
    A Game Guideby Peter Olafson Version: This is version 1.0. It’s based on the UK edition of the ga
    10/07/12 | Walkthrough | by Greg Collins
  • If what to do next is a mystery, find help here
    The Five Cores walkthrough © September 2012 Bert Jamin ( walkthrough, writ
    09/25/12 | Walkthrough | by Bert Jamin
  • Gentle nudges in the form of hints to guide you through the game's plethora of puzzles
    Page 1 of 2  IntroductionThe Rhem series of games is all about puzzles.  There isn't any great ey
    09/23/12 | Walkthrough | by Bob Washburne
  • A guide to and through the jungle to the White Birds
    Here you will find the solutions to all puzzles but be warned, there is much more to Amerzone than i
    08/13/12 | Walkthrough | by Fisicx
  • Direct & to the point, presumes you know to exhaust all dialogs/conversations before proceeding
    PrologueGo to the right, take dead branch from tree.After talking to tree, get feather from nest to
    06/11/12 | Walkthrough | by Randy Sluganski
  • If you need help you won't have to journey far -- it's right here
    Prologue: TaintedAs our new journey begins, our old friend Brian Westhouse sits in a monastery scrib
    06/11/12 | Walkthrough | by Randy Sluganski
  • If you hit a snag and don't know what to do, find help right here
    Please note: Depending on your browser, you may have to choose the smallest font setting for this wa
    05/16/12 | Walkthrough | by Peter Olafson
  • Uncover the mystery of the Cold Winter Farm and the trouble surrounding it with this walkthrough!
    Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting is played in first-person point-and-click slideshow format. For
    02/13/12 | Walkthrough | by Karla Munger
  • Stuck in the demo? This walkthrough will guide you through!
    "AMBER'S BLOOD" Demo     Carol Reed Mystery # 8   WALKTHROUGH    
    01/22/12 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • In trouble with some of the complex puzzles? Here's a walkthrough to help you on your way to the finish!
    09/13/11 | Walkthrough | by Len Green
  • Survive the horrors in and around the American oil research station with this walkthrough!
    The Story: (From the press release) In the midst of the snowfields of Greenland lies Alpha Polaris
    08/15/11 | Walkthrough | by Randy Sluganski
  • Get through the toughest parts of The Filmmaker with this handy walkthrough!
    The Filmmaker is a game in 4 main Chapters  I. The ShardsII. The KillingsIII. The MoviesIV. End
    09/22/10 | Walkthrough | by Just Adventure
  • "In our line of work, you never know what you are until you become it." Stuck? Time to be a Walkthrough Reader?
    This game is dominated by the puzzles. The puzzles are sophisticated and require a bit of thought an
    03/31/10 | Walkthrough | by Bob Washburne
  • Get to the ending of this mystery adventure with this helpful walkthrough!
    General Tips When in doubt, improvise. Keys do unlock doors and start cars and motorcycles and
    12/31/09 | Walkthrough | by Peter Olafson
  • Solve the mystery and get out of sticky situations with this walkthrough!
    Prologue - Los Angeles (2005) Play as Victoria Mc Pherson   Victoria Mc Pherson got a call f
    05/30/09 | Walkthrough | by Crash
  • Don't know what to do next? Try this helpful walkthough out!
    Remember, this is an adventure game so pick up any items you can, it will save you a lot of backtr
    12/31/07 | Walkthrough | by Randy Sluganski
  • Discover the secret to the pyramids with this helpful walkthrough!
    Here's a relatively unknown title that I stumbled across one day on eBay. Created primarily as an ed
    06/30/05 | Walkthrough | by Alexander Tait
  • Find your way to the end in this third-person puzzle-solver walkthrough.
    When you are talking to another character in the game, always exhaust all topics of conversation. Ma
    12/31/04 | Walkthrough | by Tally Ho
  • Guide Kate through difficult puzzles with this helpful walkthrough!
    Hi! My names Alex Pawlenty and this is my third FAQ/Walkthrough. Ive been playing games for quite so
    08/30/03 | Walkthrough | by Alex Pawlenty
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