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I've been with JA since 2003; I'm the resident hermit. I'm also a freelance digital artist. My avatar is one of my creations. I started out at JA as tender of The JAVE (Just Adventure Virtual Encyclopedia, which is not currently part of the site), and also wrote reviews. In 2008, JA's former owner, Randy Sluganski, invited me to become the site's webmaster. I continued to maintain the site and The JAVE until JA was sold to Shane. Fortunately, I got to stay and became  website administrator. I love games. Adventure games are my first love, followed by RPG, FPS and RTS. But if a game is good, the genre doesn't really matter to me. I especially like games that are dark, scary, creepy, sickening, disgusting...you get the idea. My favorites are The Cat Lady, Scratches: The Director's Cut and Still Life (the first one only). In the realm of my favorite non-scarys are Syberia I and II, TLJ, Dreamfall, Culpa Innata and the older Nancy Drew games. I absolutely detest Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, Microsoft in general and Dell computers.
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  • As Sadwick the clown, be whisked away to a fantasy world that mixes fairytale elements with melancholic tones in this stunning tale of epic proportons
    Genre:     Fantasy AdventureRelease Date: PC Version: April 23, 2010 (Worldwide Digit
    04/21/12 | Review | by Karla Munger
  • A horror adventure game that brings players to the dark and mysterious Cold Winter Farm. What's the worst that can happen?
    Genre: Horror-Adventure Platform: PC Release Date: February 9, 2012 "It's what you d
    02/15/12 | Review | by Karla Munger
  • Uncover the mystery of the Cold Winter Farm and the trouble surrounding it with this walkthrough!
    Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting is played in first-person point-and-click slideshow format. For
    02/13/12 | Walkthrough | by Karla Munger
  • Review
    Against all odds, adventure games seem to be evolving. Over the past few years, there have been repeated attempts to move the classic adventure game formula into new directions. Majestic and Missing: Since January brought the online experience to the genre. Indigo Prophecy used the format of an interactive movie to generate the adventure game experience. Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon reimagined the traditional point-and-click adventure in a true 3D setting.
    Against all odds, adventure games seem to be evolving. Over the past few years, there have been repe
    04/27/06 | Review | by Karla Munger
  • Here we have not one, but two new titles: Flo: Return of the Water Beetles, and Buzby: Breakin' All the Rules. Based on Max Lucado's Hermie & Friends video presentations, both games are geared toward ages 3-6.
    Introduction Having reviewed all Digital Praise games offered to Just Adventure thus far, I was rem
    03/21/06 | Review | by Karla Munger
  • Here, the emphasis is on choices and consequences, obedience, moral character, responsibility, and the value of time.
    Genre: Arcade/Puzzle Adventure Release Date: September 2005 It's my pleasure to be reviewing the t
    11/02/05 | Review | by Karla Munger
  • Are you tired of finding blood, guts, gore, sex, crime, bad language, maladjusted behavior and anti-social attitudes in your computer games -- or worse yet, in your kids' computer games?
    Genre: Arcade/Puzzle Adventure Release Date: February 2005 Introduction Are you tired of finding
    04/12/05 | Review | by Karla Munger
  • Puzzles in The Westerner are fair and logical. Only a couple of them found me wondering what the heck they were thinking. I wish I could tell you more, but I vowed to never spoil a game on a review. Now, the thing that really bothered me was when Fenimore dies at the end because you -- oops.
    Of Trains, Banks and Farms Puzzles in The Westerner are fair and logical. Only a
    03/03/04 | Review | by Karla Munger
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