Stay Will Move Forward to Released Status March 30th
Stay Will Move Forward to Released Status March 30th
Here we have a pixel art tale of abduction and isolation from Appnormals Team and PQubeGames
Posted: 02/03/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Appnormals Team | Publisher: PQubeGames | Platform: Mac, Windows, Xbox one, Ios, Android


Stay is a conversational adventure in which the player chats with Quinn, who's been kidnapped. It's described as a combination of Lone Survivor and Lifeline, with a touch of Tamagotchi.

Quinn is locked in a dark room with only a computer to keep him company. You're his only hope for emotional support and rescue.

Your interaction with Quinn is dialog-based. You don't control him directly, but rather build trust and encourage him to take certain actions by what you say to him. He won't always have the reactions you're trying to elicit.

Stay takes place in real time, meaning your absence can impact Quinn's already desperate mental state. The longer you're gone, the more agitated he can become. If you stay away too long, he could lose his mind.

The game has a story that's filled with twists and turns as well as items to collect, secret puzzles and several ways to die. Are you up for the challenge?

Stay is due for release March 30th on Windows and Mac (Steam), Xbox One, iOS and Android. Will you be there?

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