Where the Water Tastes Like Wine To Be Decanted Soon
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine To Be Decanted Soon
Inspired by American folktales and music, a game about "traveling, sharing stories and surviving manifest destiny," with some mysticism thrown in for extra flavor
Posted: 01/19/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Dim Bulb Games, Serenity Forge | Publisher: Good Shepherd Entertainment | Platform: Linux, Mac, Windows

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a game in which the player wanders across the United States, meets and interacts with diverse characters representing a century of history, and listens to the stories they have to tell.

The game's distinctive art style by Kellan Jett combines 2D visuals with a 3D overworld map of the US. The stories have been written by a variety of excellent scribes.

There is professional voice talent aplenty, including Sting as The Wolf. The wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack is by Ryan Ike, who also did the OST for West of Loathing.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is the first game from Dim Bulb Games, founded by Johnnemann Nordhagen, co-founder of Fullbright and sole programmer on Gone Home. The game will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux (Steam) in early 2018, exact date TBD.

Oh, BTW...you might notice that the phrase "Produce of U.S.A." appears in the game. This is not a typo. In the early 20th Century, it was reflected on labels appearing on produce that was grown in the U.S. As such, it fits in well with the game's atmosphere. Have a look:


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