Jengo: An Upcoming Game About an Old-School Gamer Lost in Modern Times
Jengo: An Upcoming Game About an Old-School Gamer Lost in Modern Times
You are Jeff...a disgruntled gaming prodigy seeking his destiny and finding he must head-off an apocalypse
Posted: 01/12/18 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Robot Wizard | Publisher: Playdius Games | Platform: Windows, Xbox one

Johannesburg-based indie developer Robot Wizard is hard at work on an upcoming point-and-click adventure called Jengo, inspired by gaming's golden age.

Well… There’s this fella that’s into games, so into games that he brushes Contra aside without losing a life, knows exactly where the secret passages are and where the loot is stashed without even phoning a hint line. A man from another time. A time before every gamer tried to be a streamer, a forum troll know-it-all or indie developer… A time when gaming was about gaming… This is a story about an old school gamer lost in modern times. His name is Jeff.

Elsewhere, beyond the realm of the real world, is a lonely place at the edge of the Pixelverse called ‘Old Meta’. A dumping ground for the Nobody-folk who were almost somebody – but have long lost their dreams at a drinking hole in the middle of the desert. Little did they know is that all they needed was a hero… Sadly, considering the nature of forgotten places, no such hero ever came by, so they’ll have to settle on a gamer instead.

So, are you up to the challenge of preventing an apocalypse?

Jengo is to be released by publisher Playdius Games and distributor Plug In Digital sometime in 2018 on Windows (Steam) and Xbox One. Meanwhile, you can follow the game's development via Robot Wizard's informative DevBlog here.


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