Eselmir and the five magical gifts to Appear January 12th
Eselmir and the five magical gifts to Appear January 12th
From Swiss developer Stelex Software comes a 2D point-and-click adventure game inspired by old classics of the genre
Posted: 12/28/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Stelex Software | Publisher: Stelex Software | Platform: Mac, Windows

In Eselmir and the five magical gifts, you'll enter an epic and legendary world dominated by powerful divinities and ancient spells. The game is inspired by the text and artwork in Pirin, an elegant fantasy saga by Swiss writer Sebastiano B. Brocchi.

Eselmir, a priest devoted to the Goddess of Time, belongs to the ancient Pirin race, demigods descended from the joining of fairy and mortal. Eselmir receives a mission from his goddess: to find the five lost gifts of King Theoson, the progeny of Pirin's civilization which, at his death, was buried with his treasures in a secret location that has never been found.

Stefano Maccarinelli, game designer and co-founder, Stelex Software: Our main goal was to give to the players a rich, substantial and highly satisfying narrative experience that people don't often see in a videogame, especially in the indie scene. We put a lot of effort into the game design in order to flawlessly and smoothly integrate the storytelling into the gameplay. We are very happy with the results. The game offers a very deep, emotional and long story (15+ hours of gameplay) filled with mystery, mysticism and magic in an original blend of fairy tales which were inspired by ancient mythology and medieval folklore.

The point-and-click adventure for Windows and Mac will be released January 12th on Steam.

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