Shiver Wants to Give You the Chills
Shiver Wants to Give You the Chills
This atmospheric point-and-click puzzle-horror adventure will be Kowai Sugoi Studios' first commercial release
Posted: 09/30/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Kowai Sugoi Studios | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Last year, Alberta-based Kowai Sugoi Studios released short puzzle-horror game called Cozy -- which started out as a two-man project for Pixel Horror Jam 2016. It was an unexpected hit.

Shiver is Cozy's spiritual successor. It's a tense point-and-click horror adventure that takes place in the Canadian wilderness.

You're en route to a retirement home to visit your father when you become stranded in the abandoned Windy Oaks National Park. Using your wits and tenacity, you must problem-solve your way through a variety of challenges, unravel the mysteries of the park and escape before you're consumed.

Shiver's art style is a combination of painting and photography. Built with the Unity Engine, the game is designed to be played in a single gaming session.

The plan is to release Shivers through Steam Direct this October in time for Halloween. It will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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