Lost Lake Lights Shine on Kickstarter
Lost Lake Lights Shine on Kickstarter
If a “campy, twisted, dark comedy, sci-fi adventure” sounds good to you, then you may want to plan a virtual vacation to Lost Lake
Posted: 08/04/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Squirrel Dagger Games | Platform: Windows

Founded in 2012 by Chad Doriguzzi, Squirrel Dagger Games is a one-man indie development studio based in Portal, Oregon. Chad is currently working on Lost Lake Lights – a point-and-click “cinematic narrative” with gameplay that will be similar to Firewatch  and Life is Strange.

Squirrel Dagger Games launched its Kickstarter Campaign August 1st. It will run until September 30th and has a base goal of $30,000. The plan is to initially release the game for Windows on the PC and then consider ports to Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One “down the road.”

The story focuses on a couple that goes for a camping getaway at Lost Lake. After a series of mysterious events, the girlfriend goes missing. Your best guess is that an abduction has occurred and off you go, in search of answers. Squirrel Dagger promises a story with twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Rumor has it that your adventure will include a UFO sighting and that your own survival will hang in the balance.

Initial screenshots indicate that Lost Lake Lights will be a beautiful game world to explore and Squirrel Dagger teases that the interactive dialog system will include conversations “that only an indie game company would dare to use.” Hmm…

The environment will have clues and objects that can be picked up along the way to change situations and solve puzzles. All-in-all, it sounds like an adventure to look forward to! To follow the game’s progress, check the Lost Lake Lights website.

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