The Long Journey Home Will Blast Off May 30th on Windows
The Long Journey Home Will Blast Off May 30th on Windows
Embark on a space exploration RPG in which an experimental jump drive malfunctions, leaving you "trapped on the wrong side of the universe - alone, injured, falling apart"
Posted: 05/13/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Daedalic Studio West | Publisher: Dadelic Entertainment | Platform: Windows

In The Long Journey Home, you'll command a four-person crew in order to test a new experimental jump drive. Unfortunately, it goes all wrong and you end up in an endlessly shifting universe far from home with no way to get back to Earth.

If that's not bad enough, your ship is deteriorating and you're running out of supplies. You'll be salvaging wrecks, raiding tombs, investigating strange artifacts, seeking out alien races and forming alliances to gain access to their limited resources.

You'll be making deals and moral decisions that can change the universe. You'll do whatever it takes to survive.

Andreas Suika, lead game designer: Being lost and alone is a fear we can all appreciate. Now, imagine being on the other side of the universe, alone, low on resources, never knowing what awaits after the next jump. The Long Journey Home taps into that primal longing for home, while also providing a colourful, comic universe that players will have a blast exploring and returning to...

The Long Journey Home is about making the right decisions. When you alone are [sic] in space, there is no room for wasteful choices. It’s important to remember: always think twice and once you’ve made a decision, be ready to deal with the consequences.

The game has high replay value due to a wide variety of key elements. Each 6-8 hour playthrough will harness approximately 20% of all available content.

Look for The Long Journey Home, priced at $39.99, on May 30th for Windows on Steam.



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