Psychological Horror Game Perception To Be Launched May 30th
Psychological Horror Game Perception To Be Launched May 30th
Also, The Deep End Games/Feardemic have released a new trailer called Break the Silence
Posted: 05/03/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: The Deep End Games | Publisher: Feardemic | Platform: Xbox one, Playstation 4, Windows

Perception Developer The Deep End Games Announces Partnership with Feardemic - January 19, 2017 

I first covered Perception for JA back in 2015, and I'm glad to see it's on the way to release. This psychological horror game's premise is a little unusual.

Cassie, the player-character, is having nightmares about a deserted mansion called the Estate at Echo Bluff. She feels compelled to visit it.

Her research yields the location of the mansion. After arriving, she discovers a deadly Presence within. Having tormented previous inhabitants, it now comes after her. Ghosts who aren't too friendly are in residence there as well. Have I mentioned that Cassie is not permitted to leave?

What, you may ask, is unusual about that? Well, Cassie is blind. As she plays hide-and-seek with the mansion's ghastly residents, she must navigate via echolocation and by using her cane, wits and heightened sense of hearing.

Each time Cassie solves one of the game's mysteries, including the reason she was called to this place, the mansion goes through radical changes. You'll visit many different eras and "see" the mansion's evolution over time.

Perception is to be released May 30th for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.


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