Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaigns Announced For Minotaur
Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaigns Announced For Minotaur
Developer U7 Committee has also released a fully-voiced playable demo for its point-and-click sci-fi adventure game with visual novel-style narrative for Windows and Mac
Posted: 04/16/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: U7 Committee | Platform: Windows, Mac

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Okay, first things first. Developer U7 Committee is "a group of people from all over the world who got together to create U7 things." Let me elaborate.

U7 stands for The Universe of Seven, which is a sci-fi fantasy world created by the U7 Committee. It has its own history, geography, rulebook and characters. This is where Minotaur takes place. U7 Committee hopes to develop more games in this setting.

Inspired by Zero Escape and the Danganronpa series as well as old-school point-and-clickers by LucasArts and Sierra, Minotaur tells a story cloaked in a dark mystery.

The story-driven game takes place in an apartment complex on the outskirts of a city called Nova. For reasons unknown, the complex has been turned into a deadly labyrinth in which the residents are trapped. They must try to discover how and why this has happened, and find a way out.

Minotaur features nine characters, five of which are playable. The game offers five routes, one for each character. It also has multiple endings that are determined by the player's choices and actions.

A playable demo for Windows and Mac is currently available here.

If all goes well, U7 Committee hopes to release Minotaur in Q4 2017. Meanwhile, please consider backing the game on Kickstarter and/or upvoting it on Greenlight.


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