ESSENCE: The Resurrection Act 1 to Hit Early Access April 18th
ESSENCE: The Resurrection Act 1 to Hit Early Access April 18th
From ONEVISION comes a surreal exploration-adventure game with Metroidvania elements and interwoven open worlds
Posted: 04/04/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: ONEVISION | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

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Essence - The Resurrection Rises on Kickstarter - February 16, 2016 

Okay, wake up.

You have no information. About anything. Not even yourself. You're in a world forgotten by time and space. You don't remember this place, yet it's been waiting for your return.

Explore ancient structures. Discover anomalous puzzles that will challenge your mind. Wander through fascinating landscapes. Each world you encounter will have its own theme, color, gameplay and ambience.

Remember. Find yourself. Learn new abilities that will facilitate your passage. Discover the past and future of places you never dreamed could exist. Experience a mesmerizing journey full of wonder.

ESSENCE has a narrative story that will link its worlds together and explain your existence and purpose in them.

Developer ONEVISION has elected to split the game into three acts, each with several hours of gameplay. Act 1 will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam Early Access . Xbox One, PS4 and VR versions are tentatively planned.

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