Anoxemia To Launch March 28th for PS4 and Xbox One
Anoxemia To Launch March 28th for PS4 and Xbox One
Billed as a story-driven exploration adventure, this game from BadLand Indie and BSK Games takes place under the sea
Posted: 03/27/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: BSK Games | Publisher: BadLand Indie | Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox one

Become Dr. Bailey and embark on a routine mission to collect samples from contaminated underwater caves. Unfortunately, as you approach the ocean floor, your submarine crashes and you lose all contact with the surface. You're left stranded with a finite amount of oxygen.

You're not alone, however. You're accompanied by ATMA, an operations drone that can be equipped and upgraded with items you find in the environment.

But there are dangers lurking here: powerful currents, toxic drifts, malfunctioning machines and mines left from the war. And there are dangers you don't even know exist. Dangers within.

The game includes 38 levels of unique underwater terrain to explore, and puzzles requiring clever thinking and quick reflexes. It's fully narrated by the protagonist.

Anoxemia keeps a tight focus on the plot. Playing with storytelling methods both subtle and not so subtle, the game characterises itself by its intense and asphyxiating ambiance. Are you ready to explore the mysterious deep?

Already available for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, Anoxemia is to be released March 28th (tomorrow) on PS4 and Xbox One.

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