No70: Eye of Basir Will Be Seeing You April 15th
No70: Eye of Basir Will Be Seeing You April 15th
This psychological horror adventure for Windows and Mac from Oldmoustache Gameworks will also support HTC Vive
Posted: 03/05/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Oldmoustache Gameworks | Platform: Windows, Mac

A grandmother. A spooky old house (that's the "No70" part of the title). Two brothers -- Erhan and Aras -- raised by said grandmother in said house.

Paranormal events. Objects that move around by themselves. Presences felt but not seen. A creepy old chest that's first declared off-limits, then vanishes. All while the brothers are children.

When granny shuffles off this mortal coil the brothers go their separate ways, leaving the spooky house behind. Twenty years pass.

Suddenly, Erhan disappears. How could he just vanish? Does this have anything to do with that weird house and what happened there? Aras must find him.

No70: Eye of Basir features psychological horror in which looking at darkness and seeing it are two different things. The game has many puzzles, which the developer has described as difficult. The atmosphere is ominous and unsettling.

Oldmoustache will be releasing No70: Eye of Basir on April 15, 2017 for Windows and Mac on Steam. HTC Vive will be supported.

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