2014 Cyberpunk Jam Winner The Last Night is Now Being Made "For Real"
2014 Cyberpunk Jam Winner The Last Night is Now Being Made "For Real"
Originally a small flash game made in six days by two brothers
Posted: 02/26/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Odd Tales | Publisher: Raw Fury | Platform: Other, Windows, Mac

The original version of The Last Night was made by two brothers in six days at 2014's Cyberpunk Jam, which it also happened to win.

Cyberpunk Jam version:


Odd Tales in partnership with Raw Fury is now looking to bring the game up-to-date and revive the cinematic platformer genre in the tradition of Another World, Flashback and Oddworld.

Current version:


The Last Night will feature 4 unique districts with distinct architecture, culture and industries. You'll travel between districts via taxi, ferry or monorail.

Current version:


Discover varied gameplay and interact with a diverse cast of complex characters. Encounter a living, simulated world populated with dense crowds of citizens.

Should you want to play the 2014 prototype, which is only a few minutes long, click here.

The Last Night will be released for Windows, Mac and consoles at a date TBD.

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