Vive le Roi - Save the King and Change History
Vive le Roi - Save the King and Change History
A 2D puzzle-platformer from developer Sylvain Seccia and publisher Meridian4
Posted: 02/21/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Sylvain Seccia | Publisher: Meridian4 | Platform: Mac, Windows

Vive le Roi will transport you back to the French Revolution, where you must save King Louis XVI from execution, not to mention subvert the plans of the elite to amass riches and rule France.

How shall you do this, you ask? Why, by exploring the game world, solving intricate puzzles, tricking guards, opening gates, moving objects and more.

Jeff Giasson, Founder, Meridian4: Vive le Roi is a challenging puzzle game with a little bit of history thrown in. We’re excited to hear from gamers!

Sylvain Seccia, game designer and programmer: I created Vive le Roi to be a fun yet demanding game. Players will be able to test their wits over 30 levels.

So, are you up to the challenge? Find out on February 23, 2017, when Vive le Roi will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam. Until then, au revoir... Laughing

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