Thimbleweed Park is Live on Steam
Thimbleweed Park is Live on Steam
Just no release date...yet
Posted: 02/20/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Terrible Toybox/Ron Gilbert/Gary Winnick | Publisher: Terrible Toybox/Ron Gilbert/Gary Winnick | Platform: Linux, Xbox one, Iphone, Windows, Mac

More info:
Ransome the *Beeping* Clown Makes His *Beeping* Opinion Known In a New Thimbleweed Park *Beeping* Trailer - January 23, 2017 

The Thimbleweed Park Steam page is live. No release date yet, but we're very very very very very very very very (breath) very very very very close to announcing that.

Click here for Steam page.

"What's the hold up with announcing the release date? I thought making games was easy?"

Oh, yeah, don't get me wrong, making games is super easy, it's releasing them that is hard!

The main reason we haven't announced a release date is that we don't want to be wrong. We're working through some last minute technical and marketing issues, but we have 95% confidence that those are resolved.

Trust is, we want to release this game more then you want to play it.

- Ron

P.S. It will also be available on GoG and probably some other online stores.

And that's all folks (for now)...


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