Eradicate Authors, Burn Libraries and Worship Ignorance in a Game Called Quote
Eradicate Authors, Burn Libraries and Worship Ignorance in a Game Called Quote
Did that get your attention? Good! It's what's waiting for you in the twisted Action-RPG from UK Studio Vindit, currently in Steam Early Access
Posted: 02/05/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Vindit | Platform: Mac, Windows

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Inspired by classic literature and surrealist art, Quote puts players in control of Novella, the High Priestess of the God of Ignorance, Bliss. Join her and her bizarre bird-man sidekick Tatters on a crusade to rid the world of all knowledge. It's the only way to ensure eternal peace. So what if it means untold suffering?

Quote features fantastical hand-drawn artwork and fully-voiced narration. Dish out divine retribution with unlockable powers that will enable you to brawl and sneak your way across a corrupted world.

Find quotes from and homages to the scope and span of literature, destroy books, trap and devour heretical authors. Doesn't that sound fun? A world free from facts, truth and knowledge is, after all, a safe and happy world. Right?

Vindit founder Robin Lacey: 2017 seems an appropriate time to be launching a game about a world in which truth and knowledge have been eradicated. We’ve been building Quote for over two years already, working hard to make something very special - a unique world and story, all clad in darkly delicious, hand-drawn art. We’re so excited that people are finally about to see what we’ve been up to.

(Editorial Comment: Seems an appropriate time to me, too...)

Quote is now available on Steam Early Access at a time-limited 15% discount. It will automatically update with new features and content as development continues.

The game is due for final release in late 2017 for Windows and Mac.


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