Bayou Island Has Been Greenlit
Bayou Island Has Been Greenlit
Developer Andy Howard Games hopes to complete the game by March 2017
Posted: 01/25/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Andy Howard Games | Platform: Windows

Bayou Island Preview - October 22, 2016 

Bayou Island is an old school, '90s-style point-and-click adventure in which mysterious occurrences have befallen the island. You must solve assorted puzzles and speak with the island's inhabitants in an effort to discover what's going on. You must also help a captain find a way back to his ship.

You'll be using logic to determine who's being truthful and who's worthy of your trust. You'll also be investigating suspicions that something sinister is in play on the island.

Andy Howard Games hopes to release Bayou Island on Windows sometime in March, 2017.

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