ARC Continuum Comes to Early Access January 31st
ARC Continuum Comes to Early Access January 31st
From Akimbo Creations, a single player/multiplayer sci-fi-fantasy action-adventure in which you'll solve ancient puzzles, battle vicious aliens and master fantastic time-shifting powers
Posted: 01/19/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Akimbo Creations | Platform: Windows

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On the desert planet Taraan, take on the role of Hadrian and wield the ARC -- an ancient device that enables you to control and manipulate the fabric of time. Become caught up in a revolution in which you must master the ARC's powers in order to free your people from the bondage of the evil Kasaar.

The ARC is able to pull time apart apart and throw it back together. It will enable you to tear reality and send enemies to other dimensions. You can teleport back in time and cheat death, and shoot bursts of energy at both man and machine to destroy them.

But wait -- there's more. There will be multiple versions of you across multiple dimensions of time. Using the ARC, you'll have the power to dissolve the barriers between dimensions and work with endless versions of yourself.

ARC Continuum will hit Early Access January 31st for Windows.

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