Eastshade Studios Announces Leaving Lyndow
Eastshade Studios Announces Leaving Lyndow
The developer has taken a break from working on a large open-world game called Eastshade to develop and release a small spinoff
Posted: 01/12/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Eastshade Studios | Platform: Windows

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This past September, in an unusual move, Eastshade Studios temporarily suspended work on Eastshade in order to create and release a short, peaceful exploration game called Leaving Lyndow. Danny Weinbaum, founder and main developer, Eastshade Studios explains...

Leaving Lyndow is the story of Clara, who is leaving to join the Guild of Maritime Exploration. On the day before her departure, she visits her favorite places and says her goodbyes.

The game takes place in the Eastshade universe and can be completed in one sitting. It offers a peaceful experience and an environment to explore at your own pace. You'll also examine objects to learn about Clara and play minigames to advance the story.

Leaving Lyndow will be released on Windows February 8th for USD $3.99. A Greenlight campaign is in progress; your vote would be most appreciated.

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