Asylum Update
Asylum Update
See screenshots and watch videos of improved environmental effects from the upcoming horror game by Senscape
Posted: 01/02/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Platform: Vr, Windows, Mac

Senscape Has Released a New Asylum Trailer - November 6, 2016 

Falling dust returns...

New thunderstorm with rain effect...

A slick and gross environmental fog in the underground sewer system...

Agustin Cordes of Senscape: We’re going to need until late January or so to upload a new backer exclusive demo. After this initial test phase, we’re going to pause and reevaluate the current situation of the project to give you a proper estimate for a release date.

So...we will be getting Asylum someday (or year). Whenever that may be, I think the game is to be released on Windows and Mac, possibly Linux and maybe iPad. I believe it will support VR, although I'm not sure of the specific hardware involved.


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