VR Monster Awakens on Early Access
VR Monster Awakens on Early Access
From devloper FIGHT4DREAM comes a 1st-person VR gameplay experience in which you become a monster who is really upset over having his slumber interrupted
Posted: 12/28/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: FIGHT4DREAM | Publisher: FIGHT4DREAM | Platform: Windows, Vr

Even monsters need their beauty sleep. This particular monster -- named Somnilla (that's you) -- has been rudely jarred awake by a submarine in an oceanic trench.

Somnilla is not happy, and whoever did this will have to pay. In this case, it's the city of Simplicity, which you set out to destroy.

Become the monster you always wanted to be. Pulverize everything in sight. Punish those who ruined your nap. Fend off soldiers, artillery, tanks, armed helicopters and more. Eat citizens. Hit, grab or throw objects with actual body actions through headset and controllers. Have no mercy.

Play in free-style mode, which allows you to enjoy destroying everything without any pressure. Invoke three different party modes and challenge your friends.

VR Monster Awakens for Windows is exclusively on VR and requires HTC Vive. The game is currently in Early Access  at a 15% discount. Let the chaos begin.

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