Without Memory Nine-Minute Pre-Alpha Trailer is Released
Without Memory Nine-Minute Pre-Alpha Trailer is Released
Russian Developer Dino/Dinosaurum Games presents an interactive thriller exclusively for PS4
Posted: 12/26/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Dino/Dinosaurum Games | Platform: Playstation 4

Without Memory: A Third-Person Psychological Thriller - January 3, 2016


When I started to write this article, things quickly became rather confusing. So I dug back into the game's development history in an attempt to understand what had happened and to determine the game's current state. The following is based on what I've discovered.

Without Memory takes place in three parallel worlds. Actions in each affect events in the other two.

General info regarding these worlds -- including screenshots from one that features a young girl lost in a forest -- is reflected on this Upcoming Release page from January 2016.

The details below pertain specifically to one of the other worlds in the game.

In this one, you enter a dystopian world as Leo Evans, a police officer who returns home to find his wife being taken into custody by a detachment of federal peacekeepers. They accuse her of aiding a terrorist organization called The Insiders. Unable to help her, Leo is told she is to be sent to Animatorium, a high-tech prison.

Leo then joins The Insiders to fight against the existing order. He soon discovers that the dystopian world in which he lives extends to parallel realities.

I've been unable to locate any details concerning the game's third reality. Hopefully, more info will be forthcoming that will tie the worlds together in a more coherent narrative.

It's my understanding that a 2014 crowdfunding campaign on Boomstarter (a Russian Kickstarter) met with criticism concerning -- among other things -- less-than-desirable quality in areas such as character animations, models and weather effects. Admitting they had jumped the gun, the developer canceled the campaign and set about overhauling the game.

They've been working hard since then to improve all aspects of Without Memory. If the trailer and screenshots released in 2016 are any indication, they're accomplishing just that.

Without Memory is in development exclusively for PS4. Dino/Dinosaurum Games is currently seeking a publisher, without which they will be unable to complete it. I believe the game has a lot of potential, and I do hope they're be able to pull it off.

Stay tuned...

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