Should Saint Kotar Include Help Systems?
Should Saint Kotar Include Help Systems?
Developer Tanais Games would like your opinion concerning its upcoming point-and-click psychological horror adventure
Posted: 12/17/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

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This just in, directly from Tanais Games...

Hello fellow adventurer,

we need your opinion to helps us with an important element of the game - puzzles. Our efforts are fully focused on designing challenging but at the same time fair and logic puzzles in Saint Kotar. After all, puzzles are a core element of point & click adventure games, and thus implying careful work while designing them.

Help systems are nowadays a standard element of most games, but we are weighing our minds if to include them in Saint Kotar. Our fond childhood memories (the 90s) are tied to countless hours trying to find a solution to different puzzles, having an explosion of feelings once figured out by ourselves. And we are not alone, there's a big number of persons like us. On the other hand, most modern players like to be helped out. And there's nothing wrong with that, times have changed.

In order to make a final decision we've set up an online survey, very simple and very short. Become a part of the team while fulfilling it, your opinion is important to us!

Link to the survey:

Thank you, and keep following us for more exciting news:


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