NDreamsVR Announces Perfect, to Launch Starting December 13th
NDreamsVR Announces Perfect, to Launch Starting December 13th
More "escapism experience" than game, this VR software will take you to three immersive, relaxing and breathtaking virtual environments
Posted: 12/12/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: NDreams | Publisher: NDreams | Platform: Windows, Playstation, Vr

Perfect is virtual reality escapism at its purest.

Here is something to chase away all of that holiday stress (and ordinary day-to-day stress as well). Experience three idyllic locations in VR: a soothing mountain wilderness; a tropical beach; or grab your long johns and travel north to watch the Northern Lights. Add music, or not. Listen to ambient sounds. Relax. Ahhhh.

Perfect has been designed to be experienced by anyone. According to developer nDreams: The experience is gentle and immersive, and simple controls make Perfect an ideal way for family and friends to experience the wonders of virtual reality.

Perfect will be available on the US PlayStation Store tomorrow, December 13th, and the EU PlayStation Store on December 20th. Every PlayStation Plus member will receive a 20% discount until January 4th.

Additionally, Perfect will arrive on HTC Vive via Steam on Friday, December 16th. It will be offered at a 20% discount until January 2nd.

Finally, Perfect will be coming soon to Oculus Rift via Steam and Oculus Home.

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