Unknown Fate Finds a New Trailer
Unknown Fate Finds a New Trailer
Go on an amazing journey, passing seamlessly between the real world and a surreal universe
Posted: 12/10/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Marslit Games | Publisher: 1C Company | Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox one, Windows, Vr

Publisher 1C Company has shared more of Unknown Fate's atmosphere via a new trailer and screenshots.

In the game, from developer Marslit Games, you'll suddenly find yourself in an enigmatic world filled with strange creatures, unknown artifacts and surreal locations.

As you take cautious steps deep into the unknown, your mind will be swept away by more questions until your certainties start to crumble. You push on, hoping your mind will become untangled and things will become clear.

1C Company and Marslit Games are looking to release Unknown Fate in Q3 2017 for Windows (including optional VR support), Xbox One and PS4.


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