Cradle of Links VR Gets Professional Voiceovers
Cradle of Links VR Gets Professional Voiceovers
Developer RELOADWORLD studio has just released a sample
Posted: 12/05/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: RELOADWORLD studio | Publisher: RELOADWORLD studio | Platform: Windows, Vr

Cradle of Links for HTC VIVE is Announced - November 25, 2016

The developers of Cradle of Links VR feel that sound is a very important element in creating an atmosphere of horror. They want players to have an opportunity to feel horror even if their eyes are closed. For this reason, a professional studio has been hired to do the game's voiceovers.

Cradle takes place in a town in Great Britain in 1860 that's been overtaken by an unknown plague. Players will be able to roam the streets freely and use realistic firearms to battle nine unique opponents as they try to survive.

The game will be released exclusively on HTC VIVE headsets sometime in Q1 2017.


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