Impact Winter is Announced
Impact Winter is Announced
Mojo Bones has signed a worldwide publishing deal with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment for its post-apocalyptic survival adventure
Posted: 11/30/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Mojo Bones | Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe | Platform: Windows

September 5th 2018...This date will keep on haunting me forever. It's been 12 months now. 12 months of mere survival. My name is Jacob Solomon: survivor of this frozen wasteland I've named the Void. I hope this diary will help anyone if I fail to survive it.

As Jacob Solomon, you are a survivor of an asteroid strike that has plunged Earth into harsh, endless winter. You are also the leader of a group of four other survivors who have taken refuge in a remote church.

With the assistance of robotic companion Ako-Light, players will be able to explore the hostile world and find solutions while struggling to stay alive in the freezing atmosphere.

Nevertheless, things are looking bleak until you intercept a mysterious radio transmission saying help will arrive in 30 days. The only way to know if this is legitimate is to survive until then. Will you be able to pull it off?

Hervé Hoerdt, Marketing & Digital VP, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe: When Mojo Bones introduced IMPACT WINTER to us, we understood early on that this alternative survival experience, with its distinctive artistic direction will be a unique adventure for players. We’re really pleased to closely work with Mojo Bones on this project as we continue to expand our range of games.

Stuart Ryall, Co-Founder and Designer, Mojo Bones Ltd: The team here at Mojo Bones are both extremely proud and excited to partner with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment for the release of IMPACT WINTER. As gamers, we formed Mojo Bones in 2011 with the intention of using our newfound creative freedom to explore and design unique ideas and concepts. IMPACT WINTER represents the most ambitious step along our journey so far; taking inspiration from our favourite games, movies, music and literature in an attempt to build on those influences and create a one-of-a-kind survival adventure.

Expect to see Impact Winter in early 2017 for Windows.


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