Get Ready to Explore the Frontiers of Outer Space in Astroneer
Get Ready to Explore the Frontiers of Outer Space in Astroneer
Developer System Era Softworks has assured us that the game will launch on Steam Early Access sometime in December
Posted: 11/29/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: System Era Softworks | Publisher: System Era Softworks | Platform: Windows, Xbox one

Visit the Early Access page

In Astroneer, you'll be transported to the 25th century to participate in an outer space gold rush. Explore new frontiers, brave harsh environments and risk your life for the chance to strike it rich.

Resources you extract from planets, asteroids, and moons can be traded with friends or crafted into new tools, vehicles, and modules. Environments will be procedurally generated in a uniquely-rendered voxel engine, featuring a textureless aesthetic that allows players to deform and shape the terrain.

At present, System Era Softworks intends to release Astroneer on Windows (Steam), Windows 10 (Windows Store) and Xbox One. Early Access is slated for launch this month (December). Please visit these FAQs for further info.

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