Prepare To Go Transhuman In State of Mind
Prepare To Go Transhuman In State of Mind
Daedalic Entertainment explores existential drama in a futuristic society on the verge of post-material existence in this 3D dystopian adventure
Posted: 11/27/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Daedalic Entertainment | Publisher: Dadelic Entertainment | Platform: Mac, Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox one

State of Mind explores themes of separation, disjuncture and reunification in a dysfunctional future.

The year is 2048. A utopian virtual world called City 5 has been constructed to exist alongside the dystopian material reality in which humanity resides.

To escape impending catastrophe, people's minds are being transferred into this virtual world where they can supposedly live in peace.

You are journalist Richard Nolan. The minds of your wife and son have been successfully uploaded, but something goes wrong when its your turn. You remain in actual reality, but an incomplete version of you also exists in virtual reality. You must find a way to become whole again and reunite with your family.

State of Mind features story-driven gameplay and a multi-layered narrative. It also offers several playable characters and two distinct game worlds.

Daedalic is looking at a release date sometime in Q1 2017 for Windows, MAC, XBox One and PS4.

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