Kickstarter-Backed Deliver Us the Moon Gets a Publisher
Kickstarter-Backed Deliver Us the Moon Gets a Publisher
Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive has signed an agreement with Starbreeze IndieLabs
Posted: 11/25/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: KeokeN Interactive | Publisher: Starbreeze IndieLabs | Platform: Xbox one, Windows

Deliver Us the Moon - Preview - January 29, 2016

Stockholm-based Starbreeze IndieLabs has announced that it has entered into an agreement with Dutch studio KeokeN Interactive to publish Deliver Us the Moon. Your chance to become a rogue astronaut on a secret mission to save humanity is now assured.

In the near future, Earth is in jeopardy due to rapid depletion of its resources. This prompts the formation of the Worldwide Space Agency (WSA) and astronauts are sent to the Moon in order to conduct research concerning how best to secure mankind's future.

Unfortunately, discord between nations precludes arriving at any viable solutions. That's where you come in.

You are sent to the Moon on a do-or-die covert mission to save humanity. Your only companion is a small robot named ASE. The fate of the human race lies with you. Nothing like a little pressure...

KeokeN Interactive has indicated that the agreement with Starbreeze will be bringing about some changes to Deliver Us the Moon. For instance, although the core concept will remain, focus will now be on releasing the game in full rather than episodically. Further, additional "density" will be added to the game's levels, there will be more emphasis on exploration and players will be given greater freedom of choice in solving problems.

Almir Listo, Starbreeze Global Brand Director: We met Koen and Jordy from KeokeN Interactive at E3 in Los Angeles earlier this year. They showed us their game Deliver Us The Moon that they've been working on for some time and we were impressed by their progress and their attitude to game development in general. These are young and upcoming independent game developers who know what they're doing but sometimes need a helping hand to make sure their project reach its full potential. We’re proud to take the team under our wings and make sure to support and help them make this the best game it can be.

Koen Deetman, CEO, KeokeN Interactive: One of the most beautiful things to see as a developer is an amazing community helping you Kickstart your dream project and make it possible to partner with an incredible publisher like Starbreeze Studios to create a professional and sustainable future. This alliance will make sure we will deliver the moon around the world.

Due to these changes, an adjustment to the game's release date will be required, and there's a possibility that platforms will be added. KeokeN has promised to keep us posted.


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