Cradle of Links for HTC VIVE is Announced
Cradle of Links for HTC VIVE is Announced
Studio RELOADWORLD tells us to prepare to be amazed by its action-horror game
Posted: 11/25/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Studio RELOADWORLD | Publisher: Studio RELOADWORLD | Platform: Windows, Vr

Cradle of Links developer Studio RELOADWORLD says its game will be distinguished from most other VIVE projects by offering complete freedom of movement -- smooth in any direction -- and velocity variation.

You'll fight nine unique enemies using various weapons. Experience realistic aiming, recoiling and reloading. Solve puzzles. Interact with objects and assemble mechanisms using the VIVE's motion controllers. Discover hidden passages. Transfer your mind to deceased, previously infected NPCs. Save yourself from prison.

Okay, how did you come to be in this situation? Well, the previous year, a mysterious plague descended on the area. Those who weren't infected fled to neighboring towns where, in desperation, they turned to theft and robbery to survive.

Meanwhile, the infected city has been quarantined. Blanketed in dense fog, it's also become home to packs of wild animals.

You'll visit four locations, where hopelessness and fear will await your arrival. Each location is projected to take at least an hour-and-a-half to complete. Cradle of Links' mystical narrative will lead players to a quite unexpected ending.

The game, constructed with Unreal 4, has been Greenlit. It's currently slated for release in Q1 2017 exclusively on Windows/HTC VIVE.

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