A New Trailer is Released for The Piano
A New Trailer is Released for The Piano
The noir mystery adventure from Mistaken Visions, launching in January 2017, takes place in Paris in the 1940s
Posted: 11/24/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Mistaken Visions / Jonathan Stemmildt | Publisher: Mistaken Visions / Jonathan Stemmildt | Platform: Windows

Where does it hurt, John?

In The Piano, you become failed pianist John Barnerway. You have two brothers, both celebrities. And both have suddenly and inexplicably died (or been murdered).

As if struggling with these devastating losses weren't enough, you'll also have to deal with mental illness -- your own.

You are hounded by the press. Some even think you could be the murderer. You must take to the streets of Paris and search for clues concerning what really happened.

With your doctor to guide you, you'll be making your way through the dark corners of your fractured psyche as well. Search for pieces of your broken mind as you witness both the pain and beauty you've experienced in life.

The Piano's noir-inspired aesthetic combines several genres. Its story-driven narrative takes place in both the past and present. You'll experience a haunting, deeply personal storyline.

There are puzzles (as well as a mystery) to solve. The game has a survival-horror aspect in that you'll be fending off mysterious enemies who want to keep the truth hidden from you.

Development of The Piano started five years ago and primarily represents the effort of just one individual: 22-year-old Jonathan Stemmildt of Hamburg:
I had a clear vision for the sort of game I wanted to make, but I set out to prove is that you don't need a gigantic budget to make a game that finds even a small audience who understand what it is looking to achieve. We wanted to create a good mix of retro Resident Evil-style survival horror, modern horror such as Amnesia, and the unusual storytelling of Dear Esther. I hope people think we've achieved that.

The Piano has been Greenlit and will be released on Windows in January 2017.

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