Saint Kotar, Lonely and Ancient, Hides Its True Nature
Saint Kotar, Lonely and Ancient, Hides Its True Nature
Developer Tanais Games asks if you've ever had a feeling that someone or something is lurking nearby, watching you...
Posted: 11/23/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Witchcraft Awaits in Saint Kotar - July 3, 2016

Saint Kotar is a deceptively charming place tucked among the mountains of Croatia. On the surface, it looks to be a typical rural town. It offers scenic views. Church bells toll in the distance.

Look more closely and ask yourself: do you fear the unknown?

You're among a group of people ostensibly invited to Saint Kotar for a medieval art exhibit. It doesn't take long for you to be pulled into that which lurks beneath the town's surface: murder, Satan worship, witchcraft.

Not only must you struggle against the unknown, but against yourself. You are not only being watched, you are watching...and the unknown is coming...

Saint Kotar merges classically-inspired 2D point-and-click mechanics with psychological horror. Players will take the part of multiple characters.

The game's art is digitally hand-painted; it has full voice-acting and an eerie, original soundtrack.

Developer Tanais Games has a clear mission: develop high quality point & click adventure games while drawing inspiration from the '90s greatest p&c titles. Saint Kotar, the studio's first game, is to be released on Windows, Mac and Linux sometime in 2017. We've been advised to stand by for further info.


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