Tether Gameplay Trailer is Released by Freesphere Entertainment
Tether Gameplay Trailer is Released by Freesphere Entertainment
Further, the developer would love your vote on Greenlight for its first-person sci-fi adventure
Posted: 11/16/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Freesphere Entertainment | Publisher: Freesphere Entertainment | Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

Tether Fastens Itself to Steam Greenlight - October 24, 2016
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In Tether you'll play Lesleigh Hayes, a biological research assistant for the United Environmental Federation. Earth's Moon has been destroyed, wreaking havoc on our planet. Several continents have collapsed. Earth is dying.

As the UEF accelerates plans to terraform Mars, Lesleigh embarks on her first deep space voyage aboard the Sonne, destination Mars.

When catastrophic events occur on the ship, Lesleigh is forced to survive the psychological horrors of isolation in deep space. Her thoughts turn to her three children as she re-lives some of her pre-departure conversations with them.

Will she be able to live with the consequences of her choices?

Tether will be released for Windows, Mac and Linux during Q3 2017. Support for VR headsets may be offered at launch. Meanwhile, Freesphere Entertainment would appreciate your vote on Greenlight

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