Gray Destiny is Announced
Gray Destiny is Announced
Romanian developer VisualPath has also released trailers and screenshots from its upcoming first-person 3D horror adventure and launched a self-hosted crowdfunding campaign
Posted: 11/15/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: VisualPath Studio | Publisher: VisualPath Studio | Platform: Mac, Windows, Other, Linux

Visit VisualPath's crowdfunding page

With Gray Destiny, VisualPath Studio wants to hit you in the emotions and adrenalin; to make you fear something you anticipate might happen, although you don't know what, where or when.

Your uncle has died under questionable circumstances. You're notified that you've inherited his mansion, which is now apparently abandoned.

After you arrive, you discover that something horrible seems to have happened. Worse yet, you're trapped. It appears that whoever called you here has some sort of diabolical plan.

You also discover you're not alone. You'll be encountering various other characters, although they aren't necessarily among the living. Will any of them help you?

In order to see in the darkness, you'll have both a flashlight and an ultraviolet light. The UV light will help you find clues, secret areas, puzzles and hints that are not visible while using the regular flashlight.

Only by searching the mansion will you discover what has occurred and find a way to leave. Or maybe you'll be stuck there forever.

VisualPath has launched a self-hosted crowdfunding page  (there's no Kickstarter in Romania) and would appreciate your backing. Gray Destiny is planned for a Q1 2017 release. It will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux and SteamOS.

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