The Silver Lining: Haunted Castle Released; Episode 5 Announced
The Silver Lining: Haunted Castle Released; Episode 5 Announced
The playable teaser offers a sneak peek at Episode 5: A Thousand Times Goodnight, launching in 2017
Posted: 11/11/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Phoenix Online Studios | Publisher: Phoenix Online Studios | Platform: Windows, Vr

Phoenix Online Studios has released The Silver Lining: Haunted Castle Experience, in which you'll be given a glipse of what lies ahead in Episode 5: A Thousand Times Goodnight, coming in 2017.

In The Haunted Castle Experience -- available for free exclusively at the Phoenix Online Store for PC, with HTC Vive compatibility -- players will walk through a haunted version of the Isle of the Crown and creepy versions of scenes and characters from the first four Episodes. Find the pieces of Pandora's Box to unlock a special look into what lies ahead...

Katie Hallahan, PR Director and co-designer, The Silver Lining: We’ve been steadily working on Episode 5 for a long time, and we’re finally at a point where we feel we can confidently promise it will be out next year. The Haunted Castle Experience is a unique way to give a sneak peek of what’s to come while having some fun with the Halloween season, plus we got to test the waters with a VR-compatible experience. And this is just the beginning of the lead-up for Episode 5. There’ll be more news coming as we get into 2017 and closer to announcing a definite release date.

In the first four episodes of The Silver Lining, King Graham traveled the Land of the Green Isles in search of a cure for a sleeping curse placed on his children, Alexander and Rosella. In the process, a thousand-year-old prophecy concerning his family and the mysterious Shadrack, leader of the Black Cloak Society, came to light along with deeply hidden secrets about Valanice and their family’s enemies. Episode 5 will see Graham and Valanice journey into the land of dreams to free their children and confront their enemies in one final stand of darkness and light. All four episodes are available (also free) at the Phoenix Online Store.

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