New Teaser is Released for Psychological Horror Adventure DARQ
New Teaser is Released for Psychological Horror Adventure DARQ
According to Developer Unfold Games, it could be "the scariest gaming footage ever recorded"
Posted: 11/07/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Unfold Games | Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac

DARQ Shines Its Light on IndieGoGo and Greenlight Campaigns - December 22, 2015

You are Lloyd. You're asleep and dreaming. You become aware you're dreaming. The dream turns into a nightmare. You're unable to awaken.

In DARQ, you become stuck in your subconscious, the corners of which are extremely dark. Worse yet, enemies lurk here, and they're stronger than you are.

In order to survive, you must solve puzzles that will enable you to bend the laws of physics. You'll learn to walk on walls and ceilings, levitate, and manipulate the fluid fabric of the dream world.

Parts of the game occur in complete darkness. In these instances, you must depend exclusively on sound for navigation.

DARQ relies on a creeping atmosphere of horror rather than gore and violence. There are jump scares, but Unfold tells us they're included for a legitimate purpose, not just to make you flinch.

No two playthroughs will be the same due to randomly-generated gameplay elements, a dynamic dream world and multiple endings.

DARQ was Greenlit in December 2015 and is among the top 10 up-voted games. According to Unfold Games, it has since "attracted a cult-like following of thousands of players."

The game will be released on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux late in 2017. Rumor has it that fresh underwear might be included with the purchase.


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