Senscape Has Released a New Asylum Trailer
Senscape Has Released a New Asylum Trailer
It features in-game footage -- it's the full intro, in fact -- and lasts over three minutes
Posted: 11/06/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Senscape | Publisher: Senscape | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Asylum Videos, Screens, Info; Senscape Announces New Horror Project - August 15, 2014

Ahem...Senscape's Agustin Cordes wants to say a few things regarding Asylum...

We know it's awfully delayed but we're working hard every day to ensure Asylum meets your expectations... We're aware that certain things look dated, especially the characters, but we're hoping to have enough time to perform one last revision of assets. But overall, the game is looking far, far better than anything we ever imagined.


More from Agustin:

...we've put together a strict schedule of pending stuff and promotional things we can share to renew the hype. 2016 is not only the ideal year for Asylum, but it's imperative that we release the game soon or else we will lose our minds.

We're having a very intensive and productive period in the development of Asylum. Well, it's always been intense and gut-wrenchingly busy...

Turns out that all the stuff we've been extensively preparing for months is eerily working just as expected, so surely something terrible is about to happen...In the meantime, before Chaos strikes, enjoy the implementation of our "Look 'n Click" interface.

...big news is just around the corner, folks...

Asylum Won't Suck™. 100% guaranteed


I definitely can tell you that we won't do a pre-order until we're very close to release, say at least one month in advance. And yes, we're going for 2017 -- sorry.

Yes, we're going to support Oculus. Thing is, I can't confirm yet if Asylum will support it from day zero, but we're definitely going to try and make it happen soon.

It's going to be terrifying as hell. We think that Asylum is an ideal game for Oculus.

Okay...bottom line is that Senscape wants Asylum to earn a permanent place in your nightmares. Look for the game for Windows, Mac and Linux in 2017.

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