The Humanity Hypothesis is Offered for Your Consideration on Greenlight
The Humanity Hypothesis is Offered for Your Consideration on Greenlight
According to developers Dave Toulouse and Brian ‘Psychochild’ Green, humanity will not survive without intervention
Posted: 10/28/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Dave Toulouse and Brian "Psychochild" Green | Publisher: Machine 22 | Platform: Mac, Windows

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It's the near future. The world is filled with violence and destruction. You awaken in a laboratory. A robotic voice states a hypothesis: Humanity will not survive without intervention.

You have been selected to help the voice understand the nature of violence and war, their affect on humanity, and discover whether the hypothesis can be disproved. 

The voice will learn, evaluate and judge. Your answers could dictate the fate of humankind.

The Humanity Hypothesis is non-linear and heavily narrative-driven. Players can assume many different roles and adopt a variety of viewpoints. What you say will influence the way the voice perceives the human race.

Brian Green, narrative designer: I’m very excited to work on The Humanity Hypothesis. I love the idea of letting the player truly pick and play a role in the game. A discussion of technology, how we deal with it, and how we need to address issues of violence makes for a compelling experience.

Dave Toulouse, programmer: We are approaching this theme in a way that hasn't been addressed in any other game. I hope we'll surprise players by challenging what they expect from a dialog-based game.

The Humanity Hypothesis, published by Machine 22, will be released for PC and Mac in early 2017. A Greenlight campaign is in progress and your vote would be greatly appreciated.

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