The Wardrobe to Launch January 26th
The Wardrobe to Launch January 26th
Save your best friend's soul from eternal damnation starting January 26th in this irreverent point-and-click adventure from C.I.N.I.C. Games/Adventure Productions
Posted: 10/25/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: C.I.N.I.C. Games | Publisher: Adventure Productions | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

The Wardrobe To Open Its Doors This Fall - July 1, 2016

In The Wardrobe, you'll become a teenage skeleton named, appropriately enough, Skinny. You've been accidentally killed by your best friend Ronald and condemned to live in Ronald's wardrobe. It's a vantage point that has enabled you to watch over Ronald without his knowledge.

This arrangement has worked pretty well until now. It seems that Ronald has never come clean concerning his crime, accidental though it may have been. As a result, he is facing eternal damnation.

You just can't let this happen (we should all have such understanding friends). To that end, you must reveal yourself to Ronald and do everything possible to get him to confess. Otherwise, he'll be going on a one-way trip to Hell.

The Wardrobe offers a visually-rich 2D environment, 40+ hand-illustrated locations, 70+ characters, dozens of puzzles and a strong sense of humor. It also deals with mature and non-politically correct themes.

All of this can be yours starting January 26, 2017, when The Wardrobe is released for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam and Zodiac Store.


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