The Conjuring House Puts Out Its Welcome Mat for Greenlight
The Conjuring House Puts Out Its Welcome Mat for Greenlight
Also, developer RYM Games has released a new trailer for its old-school paranormal survival horror experience
Posted: 10/24/16 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: RYM Games | Platform: Windows

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The Conjuring House will take you back to the early 20th century, to an abandoned Victorian house that's said to have a very dark past. You are a journalist sent to cover an investigation of the house by a team of parapsychologists.

However... All of the team members have vanished, the house's demonic spirits are coming after you and you must find a way to escape.

RYM Games is infusing The Conjuring House with an oppressive atmosphere. Gameplay, lighting, sound and paranormal effects are being designed to offer complete immersion and the feeling of being constantly in danger, all high-def graphics.

And now, I feel I must quote RYM Games' creative vision directly. IMO, this developer truly understands the nature of fear:

Monsters, a cinematic shot and a dose of violence is not enough to make a horror game, Fear is primarily a feeling and a psychological state. A better horror experience happens through immersion. Our goal is to put the player inside the game, and give the player a feeling of living an experience, rather than playing a game.

The goal is to maintain immersion, and explore the concept of fear within the player’s engagement with the game.

Designing for fear is also about leveraging the power of suggestion, which if done properly triggers a fear of the unknown, and can put the player in a state of panic. It’s the same concept used by Lovecraft, or any good creator of horror, who realizes the most crippling dread comes from a person’s own imagination.

Way to go, RYM Games. You've nailed it.

The Conjuring House is being developed with Unreal 4 and should be available early in 2017 for Windows. Meanwhile, RYM Games would appreciate your vote on Greenlight.

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Nguyen Thang
Posted Date : 10/25/2016
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